February 15 is the Day of commemoration of the participants of hostilities on the territory of other states

This memorial day was established by the decree of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma dated February 11, 1989 and is dedicated to the completion of the withdrawal of the troops of the former USSR from the territory of Afghanistan on February 15, 1989.

During 10 years of participation in the war on the side of the Afghan government against the Mujahideen rebels, the USSR lost more than 15,000 soldiers. For the soldiers who went through the Afghan hell, it was a “duty to the state”.

More than 160,000 Ukrainians took part in the hostilities, almost 4,000 of them died, 72 went missing.

Former Afghan warriors have extensive experience of participating in armed conflicts, so those who were healthy were among the first to defend the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, and 10 years ago they volunteered to go to the East of Ukraine, replenishing the ranks of the Armed Forces. Today, these courageous soldiers are heroically defending our country from the Russian aggressor, giving their health and lives for Ukraine.

We bow our heads to their indomitability, to the memory of all the participants in combat operations in the hot spots of the Earth, who gave their lives while performing their military duty.