Excursion for first-year students of medical faculties to the Filatov Institute

Students of the 1st year of medical faculties of ONMedU visited the Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after Academician Volodymyr Filatov.

During the tour, the employees of the institution told about the biography of Academician Volodymyr Filatov, his scientific methods, inventions and experience, as well as about scientific research and achievements of the Institute. The students visited the museum of the Institute and the private memorial house of Academician Filatov, met with wounded military personnel who are undergoing inpatient treatment at the Institute.

Attention to the wounded from our students is very important not only and not so much for the heroes, but for us, because we should be grateful and remember to whom we owe every peaceful day we live.

Ophthalmological surgeons of the Institute also perform this feat every day, adhering to the motto of Academician Volodymyr Filatov: “Every person should see the sun!”

Teacher of the Department of Social Sciences