On May 23, Heroes of Ukraine Day is celebrated in our country. And although it is still an unofficial holiday, in the conditions of the current war between Russia and Ukraine, it acquires a special meaning and significance.

This date was approved back in 1941 by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in memory of the day when in 1938 the colonel of the UPR army, statesman and political figure Yevhen Konovalets was killed.

The Day of Heroes of Ukraine is celebrated in honor of all those who fought for the freedom and independence of our country from Moscow – the knights of Kyivan Rus, the Cossacks of the Hetman era, the Haydamaks, the Sich riflemen, the soldiers of the UPR, OUN, UPA Army, as well as the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and the war that Fascist heresy against Ukraine.

On this day, we bow to the memory of every fallen hero and pay tribute to those who are now defending our Motherland in fierce battles. After all, there are no more important people than those who serve in the Armed Forces!

Today, May 23, students of ONMedU, employees and doctors of the Multidisciplinary Medical Center are donating blood for our defenders.

Glory to heroes!