Discussion Club. #My_Medical_English.

Dear students and young scientists!

Discussion Club is a joint monthly project of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Department of Simulation Medical Technologies and the Training and production complex of innovative technologies of teaching, informatization, continuing education and internal monitoring of education quality.

The purpose of the Club was to provide a platform for communication of ONMedU students of different levels of English. Participants have the opportunity to discuss interesting clinical cases and prepare themselves for work in specific conditions that may arise during further medical practice. All cases are modeled by general practitioners and moderated by teaching staff.

Determining the effectiveness of the Discussion Club, Challenging Patient Consultation and the need to develop English-language communication, it was decided to update the format of our meetings.

In cooperation with #UMSA_Odessa, it was decided to find a way to meet all requirements.

Meet the Discussion Club. # My_Medical_English

It is at this event that you will have the opportunity to:

-discuss an unusual clinical case on the example of a series or movie;

-analyze in detail all the vocabulary on the topic and consolidate it with exercises;

-revise a small part of the grammar.

The topic of the debut meeting is “Pneumothorax”.

Date: 02.02.22 at 14.00

To participate, please fill out the Google form at the link: //forms.gle/9Es6dZkqPEyy5j397