Dear colleagues! Dear students!

Dear colleagues! Dear students!
In the last days of each year, each of us wishes to sum up the results of our work or study – what has been accomplished, what has passed, what will have to be done in the future. We are looking forward with faith and hope to the next year being better than the one that is going into history.
Indeed, 2018 has become almost the most difficult in the history of our university. It has tirelessly tested us for strength: we have overcome difficulties and obstacles, defended our right to work and study, defended the status of Odessa National Medical University as a leading educational institution, which all Ukraine could be proud of. At the same time, the passing year has been generous with the achievement of our teaching staff and the success of the students. Thank you all for your work.
There are many tasks ahead that need to be solved. On behalf of the entire administration I want to assure: we are aware of the responsibility for the development of the University, for creating comfortable conditions for work and study, the preservation of rich traditions and the further movement towards European education. We will do everything to ensure that the next year is the year of achievement and success of each of you. The team has everything for it: understanding the challenges and willingness to respond to them, experience, love for work, determination.
Friends! I sincerely congratulate you all – the teaching staff, students, colleagues – on the New Year and Christmas! I wish you new achievements and successful projects, interesting ideas and success in their implementation, fruitful work in scientific research. Strong health, happiness and family comfort!
Sincerely yours,
Yurii Sukhin
a.i. Rector, Doc.of Med.Sciences, Professor
Honored Doctor of Ukraine