Rejection of Some Media Information on Liquidation of ONMedU

On December 27, several media outlets spread information that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine had allegedly decided to liquidate Odessa National Medical University and to establish a new educational institution on its base.

ONMedU rector’s office decisively rejects this information. On the record of the Government’s sitting it was well heard that paragraph 5.40 of the 21st paragraph of the regulation, which envisages the above-mentioned innovations, has been decided to be finalized and executed within a specified time period, taking into account the regulatory requirements and the results of the discussion at the meeting. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

Consequently, ONMeDU continues to work in its regular mode and is not currently subject to any restructuring or liquidation.

Dear journalists and media workers! We ask you to be careful and thoroughly check the information before publishing it. This is a fundamental principle of journalism, and we call for strict compliance with it. News that do not correspond to reality not only mislead Ukrainians, university lecturers and students, but also undermine the international reputation of the University, which in turn can have a very negative effect on the decisions of Ukrainian and foreign applicants to join ONMedU in the future.

We ask you to correct or delete the relevant publications and contact ONMedU administration in the future to confirm the information you are interested in.

Sincerely yours,

Rector’s Office of ONMedU