A meeting of student self-government with the guests of the hostels of the ONMedU

Yesterday, December 28, 2018, a meeting between the chairman of student self-government Stanenko Anastasia and the chairman of the social-commissariat Boyev Yaroslav with the guests of the hostels of the ONMedU.

On the agenda were the questions about the conditions of residence of students in the dormitory and agreed schedule of duty in the hostels on New Year holidays.

In accordance with the “Provisions on student self-government”, the Student Council of the dormitory is a self-governing body of students living in a dormitory that serves as functions of ensuring the rights and control over the fulfillment of the duties of the dormitory residents, defined by the “Contract of renting a dwelling in the hostel”, ” university and dormitory regulations “and other normative documents.

We hope that cooperation between student self-government and students in dormitories will improve the quality of residence!