Days of the Ukrainian Literature and Language at ONMedU

Language is one of the greatest assets of the whole nation and of each person in particular. The staff of the Department of Social Sciences headed by associate professor Sikorska O.O. dedicated a number of events to the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language, which is celebrated annually on November 9 in order to improve the general culture of speech, instilling love for the Ukrainian language. It is the language that contributes to the formation of the national picture of the world, immerses new generations into the soil of spirituality.

According to the plan approved by the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work (Humanitarian Education and Upbringing), Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Talalaiev K.O., teachers of the Department of Social Sciences held various events daily with students online (from 6th to 13th November). Among them there were the Ukrainian language Olympiad, thematic lectures, discussions, presentations and reports, writing creative essays, reciting poems, master classes, etc., organized by the staff of the department – associate professor Sikorska O.O., professor Yakovleva O.V., associate professor Uvarova O.O., associate professor Podkupko-Dyachkova T.L., associate professor Kulachynsky M.M., senior teacher Shanina O.S., teacher Chernyata N.O. Foreign students also took part in the events.

On November 9, 2020, the All-Ukrainian dictation of national unity, organized by the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, was written remotely by students of 1st, 2nd groups of the 1st year of the medical faculty and 1st group of 1st year of dental faculty (teachers – head of the department, associate professor Sikorska O.O. , senior teacher Shanina O.S.). The results of the dictation showed that students have sufficient knowledge of Ukrainian spelling.

The Department of Social Sciences expresses special gratitude to the Vice-Rector, Associate Professor Talalaev K.O. for consulting assistance and the staff of the Scientific Library of ONMedU in the person of the director Garina N.V. and the Center for Student Creativity in the person of the head Bychkova S.O. for constant fruitful cooperation. On November 9, 2020, as part of a joint project of the Center for Student Creativity and the Library, with the participation of the Department of Social Sciences, a video about the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language was presented on ONMedU website.

A person can speak many languages, but the native language must be known the best. After all, the native language is the magical instrument to the sounds of which the finest and most delicate strings of the human soul respond.

The events contributed to the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, respect for their history, culture, as well as the popularization and respect for the Ukrainian language by representatives of national minorities and foreigners.