Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Volodymyr Anisimov: ONMedU is a symbiosis of the traditions of the classical medical school and innovative technologies

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Volodymyr Anisimov became the hero of the project “Odessa Medical University in Persons”. We are talking about the history of the faculty, professional training of pharmacists and plans for the future.

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Odessa Medical University has a century-long history of formation, although in its current form it has existed for only 20 years…

University training of pharmaceutical specialists in Odessa began in August 1903, when a pharmaceutical department was opened at the Medical Faculty of Novorossiysk University. The first students – pharmacists had internship at the now famous Gaevsky Pharmacy. Subsequently, the department grew into a higher educational institution of pharmacy, which was constantly transformed. As a result of the merger with the Kyiv Pharmaceutical Institute, a powerful Odessa Pharmaceutical Institute was created. In 1959 is was transferred to Zaporizhie.

Since then, for almost 50 years, there has been an acute shortage of qualified pharmacists in the southern region of Ukraine. In particular, this was felt in the early 90’s, when private entrepreneurs began to enter the retail pharmaceutical market and open new pharmacy chains.

 Was the creation of the faculty a response to market demands?

We responded to market needs and the demand of the pharmaceutical community. In 2001, a university pharmaceutical educational process was organized on the basis of Odessa State Medical University at hat time. The rector of the university, academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Valerii Zaporozhan, made great efforts to do this. Thus, the youth of the southern region was able to obtain higher pharmaceutical education. Now our faculty has full-time and part-time forms of education for Ukrainian and foreign citizens.

 Is the faculty popular?

Of course! Those specialties that young people study at our faculty are in demand. From 2001 to 2020, we trained more than 2,000 pharmacists.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of the educational process. In October 2010, thanks to the efforts of Rector Zaporozhan, the Faculty of Pharmacy celebrated its housewarming. Departments, lecture halls, computer class, laboratories, educational pharmacy are located in the new educational building. This compact location is especially convenient for students after the third year, who begin to study professional disciplines thoroughly.

How do students study at the faculty? Are modern technologies used?

The faculty has implemented the concept of computer preparation of students for integrated exams “KROK”. The computer class of the Faculty of Pharmacy has 30 places, computer technology is available to all departments. Each department has its own student research group. Here, students can conduct independent research, acquire practical skills of working on modern equipment, learn to write articles and research papers. By the way, many of our students are co-authors of scientific publications and copyright certificates for inventions of teachers.

One of the most popular specialists are licensed pharmacists. How are they prepared?

We pay special attention to them. Practical classes in the form of business games are held in the faculty educational pharmacy, student practice in the manufacture of medicines and public services is held. In addition, our students receive practical training in pharmacies, pharmaceutical organizations, botanical gardens, as well as in clinics in Odessa and the region.

We also carry out postgraduate training of general pharmacists in the internship (primary specialization) in the specialty “General Pharmacy”, advanced training of specialists in cycles of thematic improvement.

Did quarantine have a significant impact on the educational process?

The management of our university has developed regulations on the organization of the educational process during quarantine. Distance learning has been introduced at the university. The preparation of graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy for the integrated exam “STEP 2. Pharmacy” and final exams also took place remotely. I can say that we did a good job: all students successfully passed the final certification, only one student was not present at the licensing exam.

What are your plans for the new academic year?

There are many plans for the future. One of the further directions of the faculty’s development is the creation of a University pharmacy for undergraduate and postgraduate training of students and advanced training of pharmaceutical workers. We also face global challenges: improving the drug supply of the population, testing and introduction of new pharmaceutical technologies.

This year the 120th anniversary of ONMedU is celebrated. What does this date mean to you?

I am proud to work here and make my best contribution to the development of the university. Today Odessa National Medical University is a symbiosis of the traditions of the classical medical school and innovative technologies. And not in every medical university of Ukraine the future doctor has an opportunity not only to listen to lectures of highly professional teachers, but also to be engaged in the simulation centers, to receive practical knowledge in university clinics. Our university has been a member of the International and European Association of Higher Education Institutions for many years, which provides an opportunity to bring the level of training closer to world standards. I am pleased that ONMedU, like the medical faculty of Novorossiysk University in the early twentieth century, is prestigious and plays a huge role in the development of medicine and training of medical personnel.