Coronavirus. The MOH reports:

As of the morning of March 19, 16 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Ukraine, 2 of which were lethal:

Chernivtsi – 10 cases (1 lethal)

Zhytomyr – 1 (fatal) case

Kiev – 2 cases

Donetsk – 1 case

Kyiv – 2 cases

The studies were conducted at the Virology Reference Laboratory of the Public Health Center.

On March 18, 79 COVID-19 suspects were reported to the Public Health Center and 128 samples were delivered. 35 samples were tested, 2 positive (Kiev and Donetsk regions) were obtained for COVID-19. The Virology Reference Laboratory of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine examines not only samples of suspected persons but also of those who had contact with the infected persons.

Since the beginning of 2020, 260 COVID-19 suspected reports have been received.

There are 218,815 cases of COVID-19 registered worldwide, 84 114 of which have recovered; 137 677 cases were recorded outside China.