Celebration of the Embroidered Shirt Day!

Ukrainian embroidered shirt is a shrine of the people, symbolizing and carrying the spiritual wealth, high wisdom and traditional connection of many generations. It is a symbol of health and beauty, happiness and family memory, love and fidelity. Embroidered shirt is a real amulet.

Under the supervision of the head of the Department of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Sikorska O.O. round tables are annually held on the Embroidered Shirt Day, students write creative essays, and on the idea of associate professor Uvarova O.O. there is a tradition to show their own embroidered shirts.

The quarantine conditions did not prevent the celebration of the Embroidered Shirt Day, which fell on May 21. For online classes, students dressed in embroidered shirts and joined the all-Ukrainian celebration.The staff of the Department of Social Sciences congratulates everyone on the holiday, wishes good health and offers view some photos of the past years.