Regular remote meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee of ONMedU

On May 21, 2020, the Anti-Corruption Committee of ONMedU held a regular meeting to consider the issue of inaccurate information on the Internet.
Taking into consideration dissemination of the information about the alleged possibility of ONMedU for illegal monetary rewards to get a satisfactory result in “STEP” and “OSCI” by some unscrupulous media and individuals on social networks, we report the following:

Fraudsters use the trust of students for their selfish purpose of obtaining money for so-called “services”, without having any influence on the results of the assessment of “KROK” and “OSCI”. These actions are a crime for which criminal liability is provided.

We urge you to trust only the information from the official sources and relevant official pages on social networks:
Ministry of Health of Ukraine –
Ministry of Science of Ukraine –
Testing Center –
ONMedU website –

If you have reliable information about corruption or fraud in ONMedU, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

Deans of faculties are recommended to carry out explanatory work with the heads of departments, heads of groups, representatives of student government and trade union of students on protection of students from fraudulent actions of persons who offer to “solve the issue” of “KROK” and “OSCI” exams.