Профспілка студентів ОНМедУ

Excursion of the preparatory department students of ONMedU along the streets of Odessa The main purpose of the preparatory department of the international faculty of ONMedU is to prepare foreign citizens for admission to medical institutions of higher education in Ukraine. It is here that primary professional knowledge is provided and the Ukrainian
LET’S GIVE LIFE ❤️ The National Bank and the Tabletochky Charitable Foundation are holding a charity event "Coins for Children". The initiative envisages  collection of 25 kopeck coins throughout Ukraine, which will be used to help children with cancer. From 01 to 30 September
Odessa National Medical University conducts a series of trainings on vaccination against COVID-19 On July 20-21, on the basis of the Department of Pediatrics № 1 of Odessa National Medical University, a training on vaccination against COVID-19 was held for 5th and 6th year students and interns. In the future, students and interns
Valerii Zaporozhan: Camp “Medic” should become a modern base for training and recreation of students and teachers of ONMedU Camp "Medic" is located at Odesa, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Street, 5 (Chornomorka) on a 3.6-hectare plot of land owned by the university. The camp building was put into operation in 1957. Since 2017, the camp has not been operating due to
ONMedU conducted a traditional anonymous survey of students At the beginning of June 2020, the traditional annual anonymous survey of students "Student Thought" was conducted at ONMedU. This year, the polls were conducted in quarantine taking into account all necessary anti-epidemic warnings.The questionnaire included, among other things, questions