The National Bank and the Tabletochky Charitable Foundation are holding a charity event “Coins for Children”. The initiative envisages  collection of 25 kopeck coins throughout Ukraine, which will be used to help children with cancer. From 01 to 30 September 2021, every student will be able to join this action. Coins with a face value of 25 kopecks have ceased to be a means of payment since October 1, 2020. They have been impossible to be paid with in the retail network for almost a year, they can be freely exchanged in banks for coins of current denominations or banknotes. Trade Union of ONMedU students has already become a part of the charity event. We really hope that every student will participate and be able to help children with cancer! We have established meeting places on the territory of the university (1st floor of the main building and 1st floor of the dean’s office building) so that every interested student, teacher, employee of ONMedU can join this action and contribute. Our actions are official and coordinated with the university management.