Excursion of the preparatory department students of ONMedU along the streets of Odessa

The main purpose of the preparatory department of the international faculty of ONMedU is to prepare foreign citizens for admission to medical institutions of higher education in Ukraine. It is here that primary professional knowledge is provided and the Ukrainian language is taught.

To improve the level of the Ukrainian language proficiency, students are introduced to the peculiarities of the Ukrainian mentality, culture and history.

Events that interest foreigners in learning the Ukrainian language are constantly held.

Recently, students of the preparatory department of the International Faculty of ONMedU together with their teachers made a fascinating journey to see the sights of Odessa, as well as visited the Archaeological Museum, where they enthusiastically and with interest got acquainted with the ancient cultural heritage of Odessa region. Students from Egypt and Turkey found in the museum a piece of ancient culture of their people.

It was interesting to walk in the streets and parks of Odessa: pay attention to the beauty of the famous Deribasovskaya, visit the monument to Duke, see the Potemkin Stairs and the Seaport, listened to the explanations of teachers and take photos.

Students from Turkey were surprised and delighted to note that Istanbul Park reminds them of their homeland.

And in general, the trip-excursion turned out to be fun, meaningful, very informative in terms of getting to know the unique city – the beautiful Odessa.