Health Care Reform, АТО and Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine Our rector Valery Mykolayovych Zaporozhan and the head of the department of general and military surgery Mikhailo Arsenijovich Kashtaljan yesterday on 17.11.2017 became guests of the studio "VISTI Odessa".
Congratulations to the New Staff of the University Student Council! On November 16, 2017, an extraordinary reporting and election conference of students' self-government was held at the main auditorium of ONMedU, because of the pre-term abdication of the current chairman of the University’s Student Council V.Zdorikova. According to the existing
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Unlimited Communication! On Wednesday, November 15,2017, an event called "Discussion Club: Challenging Medical Problems in Youth" took place at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1 (headed by Professor Igor Zinovievich Gladchuk). Multilingualism is one of the most important tools in the
Refutation of the Fictitious Information about the Work of Clinical Departments of ONMedU Dear colleagues! During October of this year, on the initiative of the Permanent Committee on Health Care of Odessa City Council, the study of the effectiveness of the use of clinical departments premises located in some medical institutions of the
New book “Pharmacology: in schemes and drawings», by V.V. Godowan The long-awaited publication by the professor of our university V.V.Godovan "Pharmacology: in schemes and drawings" has come out!
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