World Science Day for Peace and Development

Every year on November 10, the international celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development takes place. It was decided to start such a holiday in 1999 at the World Scientific Conference in Budapest, but the official confirmation of the event took place in 2001 at the UNESCO general conference.

World Science Day for Peace and Development emphasizes the significant role of science in society.

Science and the people who create it are the basis of the nation’s intellectual potential and its future. Odesa National Medical University has gained world recognition for more than 120 years thanks to its scientific activities and significant achievements of scientists.

In the conditions of martial law, the staff and students of Odesa National Medical University continue their scientific activities.

Our alma mater actively conducts research that corresponds to the promising directions of domestic medical science on the issues of determining the characteristics of pathological and compensatory-adaptive reactions and developing methods of diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases of high medical importance, clinical substantiation of new therapeutic agents.

And the results of such research are the introduction of new technologies and methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment, obtaining patents, publication of educational and scientific literature, and active publication of scientific works on global and institutional information platforms.

The university actively supports young people who want to participate in research work, dissemination and generalization of the experience of this work, and therefore, favorable conditions are created for their participation in fundamental and applied research conducted by ONMedU, and ensuring the improvement of the quality of training and education of future specialists .

Over the years, science has fundamentally changed society, it is focused on improving and preserving life, namely the use of scientific achievements – the key to a good future and reliable social development and peace.

Scientific discoveries, creative, intellectual activity are the basis and driving force of scientific progress, an important component of state prosperity.

And the words of Winston Churchill are more relevant than ever today: “Only science can expand the borders of each state without narrowing the borders of its neighbors, and increase the well-being of each nation without taking anything away from others.”

Science plus society has always equaled progress!