Valerii Zaporozhan thanked the team for the success in the accreditation: ONMedU has already received certificates in two specialties

The accreditation process is underway at Odessa National Medical University, certificates have already been received in two specialties “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy “and” Dentistry “. This was announced by the Rector, Chairman of the Academic Council, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan during an online meeting of the Academic Council on June 17.

“We now have a very special period – accreditation. I am grateful to everyone that you are all in your places doing everything to make this exam pass at a decent level. We have already received certificates in the specialties “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy “and” Dentistry “. We are among the best. I hope it will continue to be so. Thank you all!” said Valerii Zaporozhan. He also congratulated his colleagues on the Day of the Medical Worker, which Ukraine will celebrate on June 20: “Despite all the difficulties, you remain in the medical field, where it is not easy to work. I am personally proud and admire all of you. You and all medical workers of Ukraine are real heroes! The Ministry of Health, the regional administration and the administration of ONMedU appreciate your work. I am glad to announce that from Monday all employees of the university will receive well-deserved money awards, and some will receive honorary awards. Congratulations!” Valerii Zaporozhan addressed those present.

During the meeting also congratulated Khimenko Tetiana Mykolaivna on receiving the certificate of the candidate of sciences in specialty “pediatrics”, and also employees of various departments who received patents for the invention.

Many issues important for the successful work of the institution were considered on the agenda. Among them, the optimization of the state of affairs in the dormitories of the university was discussed at meetings of the Rector’s Office and submitted to the Academic Council on the proposal of Rector Valerii Zaporozhan: In particular, it was decided to review the functional responsibilities of employees, to transfer some of them to similar positions in other departments. It was decided to repair and reorient dormitories № 2 and № 4 into educational buildings.

The structure of the university has undergone certain changes. The Department of Academic Mobility and International Cooperation has been reformatted into a press service, the Information and Technical Department has been reorganized, the Departments of Radiation Diagnostics, Therapy with Oncology have been renamed into the Department of Radiation Diagnostics, Therapy, Radiation Medicine and Oncology and the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Psychology into the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology.

From September 1, it was decided to create a department of “Simulation Medical Technologies” and eliminate the following departments: Faculty of Medicine № 3; Department of Robotic and Endoscopic Surgery; Department of Social Medicine, Public Health and Medical Law, as well as to reorganize the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine by dividing it into the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care and the Department of Emergency and Emergency Care.

The Chairman of the Academic Council Valerii Zaporozhan said that the reorganization is related to the need to improve the university management system: “We are currently undergoing accreditation and we are reorganizing those units that do not meet the conditions of this process.”

The Academic Council also approved a proposal to allocate funds for the purchase of medical equipment to complete the equipment of departments and the purchase of books to replenish library funds.

Unanimously, the members of the Academic Council voted for the award of the academic title of Professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, MD, M.B. Zaporozhchenko and professor at of Department of General and Clinical Epidemiology and Biosafety, MD. M.I. Golubyatnikov. In addition, they approved the appointment of reviewers of dissertations, the Regulations on the pedagogical practice of graduate students and curricula of graduate students of ONMedU for the 2021-2022 academic year.