Final certification at ONMedU has been completed!

In 2020-2021, the final certification at medical and international faculties was held in the format of OSCI (objective structured clinical exam).

ONMedU is the only institution of higher medical education in Ukraine in which OSCI is fully digitalized: all tasks and additional materials to them, measuring time to complete tasks, checklists, calculating points, generating information registers are performed by unique software designed specifically for this exam in ONMedU.

The standardized patient stations are equipped with state-of-the-art acoustic equipment, which allows the examiner, who is located remotely, to clearly feel not only the student’s conversation with the patient, but also the percussion sound.

The results of the certification showed low efficiency of distance learning: the average score in all disciplines was lower than last year. 191 ONMedU employees were involved in the certification, including 155 examiners; 32 units of computer equipment, 64 units of simulation equipment and 18 premises were used at the same time.

12 OSCI stations were organized:

Emergencies in pediatrics
Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology. Psychiatry. Communication skills. Standardized patient
Pediatrics. Children’s infectious diseases. Writing station / Hybrid patient
Obstetrics and gynecology. Standardized patient
Surgery. ENT. Standardized patient
Internal Medicine. Practical experience
Surgery practical skills
Medical and preventive station. Hygiene. Practical experience
Medical and preventive station. Social medicine. Written
Obstetrics and gynecology. Practical experience
Internal medicine (infectious diseases / occupational pathology / tuberculosis). Written
450 tasks were used during the exam, including:

108 tasks in internal medicine;
101 tasks on surgery and emergencies;
80 tasks in pediatrics and pediatric infections;
80 tasks in obstetrics and gynecology;
80 tasks in hygiene and social medicine.
931 students were certified:

Medical Faculty №1 – 222 students;
Medical Faculty №2 – 218 students;
Medical Faculty №3 – 198 students;
International Faculty – 291 students.
All students passed the exam!

Graduation certification at the Faculty of Dentistry and the
International Faculty was held for the first time in the OSCI format as the second component of USCE (unified state complex examination). At the same time, 27 units of computer equipment, 105 units of simulation equipment, and 14 premises were used to ensure the final certification. 150 students were certified

10 OSCI stations were organized:

Anesthesiology. Emergency medicine. Emergencies in dentistry
Therapeutic dentistry. Practical skills №1
Therapeutic dentistry. Practical skills №2
Prevention of dental diseases. Practical experience
Pediatric therapeutic dentistry. Practical experience
Orthodontics. Standardized / hybrid patient
Orthopedic dentistry. Fixed prosthetics
Orthopedic dentistry. Removable prosthetics
Surgical dentistry. Practical skills № 1
Surgical dentistry. Practical skills № 2

150 tasks were used during the exam.

All the students passed the exam!