Congratulations of Valerii Zaporozhan on the Day of the Medical Worker

Dear doctors, scientists, paramedics, nurses, veterans of health care, all our numerous and powerful community of medical workers, I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday!

Medical Worker’s Day is, without exaggeration, a national holiday. Hippocrates said that medicine is truly the noblest of all arts. I would add: the noblest and the most demanding. When choosing medicine, we choose the thorny path of continuous learning and self-improvement, continuous hard work that cannot be “left at work”, responsibility for the most valuable thing – human health and life.

Unfortunately, me and thousands of my colleagues in Ukraine had to perform their professional duties in defiance, not due to. Unequipped hospitals, meager wages, social insecurity, mid-20th century model equipment… There is nothing worse for a doctor than knowing how to help a patient but not having the technical ability to do so. That is why we make so much effort in the development of the university clinic of Odessa National Medical University.

I want our doctors and all medical workers in Ukraine to work in the best conditions. They are worth it. For a year and a half, our doctors have been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. They do the impossible without sparing their strength or their lives. The state must protect, care for and remember every doctor – 365 days a year. Respect, creation of worthy and safe working conditions for us – the best congratulations on the professional holiday.

Any system works effectively when everyone does the maximum at their level. At ONMedU and our university clinic, we are constantly improving the educational process, equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art equipment, expanding international cooperation and social protection of the team. I thank all the staff for their hard work and the love with which you approach the case. It is a great honor for me to lead such a team.

On the Medical Worker’s Day, I traditionally want to address our students. At the university we have always maintained an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support. We are one family. Accumulate knowledge, be ambitious, believe in yourself, accept challenges and prove to the whole world that you are the best. I, all teachers and our doctors are proud of your success and will always be there for you.

Dear colleagues, I wish you, your loved ones and your patients good health. May inspiration and optimism never leave you. Be happy, confident in the future. Let hard work bring you satisfaction, recognition and professional realization.

Best regards,

Rector V. Zaporozhan