Valerii Zaporozhan emphasized the importance of labor discipline during the country’s stay in the “yellow” quarantine zone

The management of Odessa National Medical University will continue to exercise strict control over the observance of labor discipline at all levels of management. This was emphasized by the rector, academician Valerii Zaporozhan at a meeting of ONMeDU Rectorate.
Labor discipline is regulated by the current labor legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of ONMedU, internal regulations, the Collective Agreement. “Further sustainable development of the university, improving the quality of education and medical care depends on the conscientious and responsible work of each specialist. For its part, the administrative office makes every effort to create appropriate working conditions, social protection, and develop a fair and flexible system of remuneration. We are proud of our team and must maintain the high level we have reached in recent years, “said Valerii Zaporozhan.
The rector also emphasized that the issue of compliance with labor discipline has become even more relevant due to the final certification in the “yellow” quarantine zone, which currently operates throughout Ukraine.
The “Regulations on the organization of the educational process of higher education in ONMeDU” clearly states the distribution of classes according to the linear schedule for 1-3 years and according to the cycle schedule for 4-6 years, forms of educational process and types of classes, ensuring internal quality system educational process, the procedure for working off academic debt and keeping records of the implementation of the educational process, etc. Research and teaching staff must strictly adhere to it and not allow changes in the schedule or schedules of classes at their discretion, the duration of classes and breaks between them.
Deans of faculties are personally responsible for the level of organization of educational, scientific-methodical and scientific work, implementation of educational and professional programs, use of material and technical base of the faculty. Failure to comply with the rules of labor discipline is punishable by material or disciplinary liability in the form of reprimand or even dismissal.