The Court Banned the Cabinet to Unite Odessa and Crimean Medical Universities for the Second Time

By decision of March 7, Kyiv Regional Administrative Court canceled the second attempt of the Cabinet of Ministers to unite Odessa and Crimean Medical Universities into a new higher education institution.
Thus, the court suspended the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 27, 2019 on the establishment of the National Medical University of Odessa. According to the document, the new higher education should have been created by merging the currently operating Odessa National Medical University and the Crimean State Medical University named after S.I. Heorhiievskii. Previously, the court suspended a similar order of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 27, 2018.
According to the decision, the order of the Cabinet of Ministers has signs of “obvious unlawfulness”, as it contradicts the law “On Higher Education” in the part of public control. In addition, the proposed reorganization of the university by the government may lead to the dismissal of the university staff.
The judgment is a subject of immediate enforcement.
One should recall that the conflict between the Ministry of Health and ONMedU has been going on since the summer of 2018. After several unsuccessful attempts to change the rector a.i. Minister Uliana Suprun initiated the reorganization of the higher educational institution. In accordance with the law on higher education, the governing body has the right to appoint rectors of exclusively new higher educational institutions. ONMedU was founded in 1900. There are more than 11 thousand students from 53 countries of the world studying at the university. The staff includes more than 3 thousand people.