Сonducting another isolated limb perfusion – ILP

18.10.2017 an operating brigade consisting of surgeons-oncologists Maximovsky, Osadchy, vascular surgeons Chekhlov M.V., Ryabokon A.M., anesthesiologist Bobir A.L., surgical nurse Kolesnichnenko in the surgical department of the University Clinic of the Odessa National Medical University conducted another isolated limb perfusion – ILP on the locally-advanced melanoma of the lower limb: during 1 hour, oxygenated blood from 100 mg of melphalan, temperature 40 ° C was carried out. The performed operation is an alternative to amputation of the limb and improves the patient’s prognosis.

This was made possible thanks to the support of the rector of ONMU Zaporozhan VM, the director of the clinic Muratova T.M., the head of the department of surgery №4 Tkachenko O.I. Personal thanks to Moskovchenko VV for help in promouting technology, Umberto Carletti and Mirko Borra for technical support.