School of tutors at ONMedU

The Department of Simulation Medical Technologies of Odesa National Medical University has a school of tutors-assistant teachers. The department adopts the experience of the best foreign medical institutions and implements it in its own educational process. The indisputable advantage of this method is the “Peer-Peer” training system.

At our university, students of higher education have the opportunity to play the role of tutors and help junior students in their studies.

Tutors conduct group and individual classes in which they share their own experience and best practices, which helps younger colleagues to more easily understand complex concepts and remember the material.

This program is useful not only for junior students, but also provides an opportunity for senior students to deepen their knowledge and skills, improve communication and leadership skills.

Tutor Oleksiy Valeriiovych Lyubarets notes that he has always dreamed of working to improve the health of his fellow citizens, so he began to develop in the field of medical education. And when he received an offer to become a tutor, he realized that this was his chance to help our society. And, without thinking, he agreed. Now he is a tutor and works side by side with teachers.

The school of tutors helps not only the students of ONMedU to better learn and practice certain practical skills, but also the certified instructors of NAEMT to conduct trainings in tactical medicine for the military.

Among the civilian population, tutors conduct educational work on the provision of first aid. Recently, they visited Odesa “European” Lyceum, where they conducted training on first aid for external bleeding and actions in case of sudden cardiac arrest.

Anyone can join the school of tutors. For this, it is necessary to contact the head of the school, the assistant of the department of simulation medical technologies Viacheslav Ihorovych Onishchenko or the head of the scientific circle of the department Mindak Anastasia by phone at 723-30-39.