Let’s say “NO” to Academic Plagiarism!

On December 7, 2017, the Council of the Student Scientific Organization and the Young Scientists Organization of ONMedU held a research and practice seminar entitled “Let’s say “NO” to Academic Plagiarism”, as a part of preparation for the annual student scientific conference.

The reporters of the seminar were professors of the departments and members of the administration of the university.

The seminar was opened by our estimable rector V.M. Zaporozhan, with his own report. The students were informed not only about the concepts and principles of academic plagiarism (in order to avoid the latter in the scientific works of young scientists), but also the negative moral and ethical aspect of such acts. All seminar participants could ask the rector their own questions regarding the subject of the seminar and get a full reply.

The audience heard a report by the chairman of the Commission on prevention of academic plagiarism in scientific and methodological works, prof. R.S. Vastyanov. Students were given links to online resources, which can be used to check the autochthonousness of any scientific publication.

The other lecturers were prof. V.V.Godowan, prof. O.G.Yushkovskaya, prof. V.G. Marichereda, who explained all the peculiarities of the correct design of scientific works, excluding the fact of plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

The equally important thing is that the legal aspects of thesis composition with the correct preservation of their uniqueness were highlighted by the vice-rector of the university on scientific and pedagogical issues K.O.Talalayev.

We are sure that collective efforts can be made to bring only true science into ONMedU walls, and the principle of academic integrity must accompany each publication!