Free access to online courses and projects from Coursera for Campus

Dear students of Odessa National Medical University!

Coursera for Campus provides free access for all Ukrainian higher education institutions and their students to their free online courses and projects. You have the opportunity to join more than 5,200 courses and 2,200 projects from leading Universities and Coursera partners in a variety of educational backgrounds.

If you do not have the financial means to pay for tuition on the Coursera platform, which is paid for, you can use the available financial assistance on the pages of courses designed specifically for Ukrainian students.

You have the opportunity to choose any online course and program in the field that interests you. You will receive a certificate based on the results of the course. If you choose a course that coincides with the discipline or topics of the discipline that are taught in your specialty, the teacher will count as passing the discipline or its individual sections. More detailed information on the recalculation of the results of such training is presented in this Regulation.

In addition, both platforms have started working with refugee organizations.

Don’t delay! Join the online courses at the world’s leading universities at