The work of Odessa National Medical University during the war

Assistants of the Department of Simulation Medical Technologies Andriy Dobrovolsky and Hennadiy Cheremnykh took part in the program of the South Wave TV channel, dedicated to the training of specialists at Odessa National Medical University in wartime.

The profession of a doctor has now become very important. These people are rescuing our defenders on the battlefield, in hospitals, often risking their lives, helping civilians wounded in enemy shelling and explosions.

The guests of the studio told about the process of training students in simulators of the highest degree of realism, in various fields of medicine, especially focusing on medical care in wartime.

Since the first days of the war, 20 instructors have been trained at ONMedU with the support of the Department of Disaster Medicine and conducted training on helping the wounded.

More than 900 cadets passed through the simulation centre: interns, 6th-year students, doctors of various specialities, territorial defence fighters and civilians.

Classes are held daily and are free of charge.

In addition, given the great psychological tension in the population, at the initiative of the rector of ONMedU Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, psychologists from various Odessa educational institutions were involved, who initially helped students and staff of the university, and now this service has grown to the city psychologicalcentrer.