The scientific work of the student society of ONMedU continues successfully

The International Conference on Neurology, Dementia and Fundamental and Clinical Problems of the Central Nervous System (Neurology, CNS and Dementia Care 2022) was held on April 27 in an online format.

The conference was attended by scientists from Japan, China, France, India, Hong Kong, Egypt, Iran, Canada, Brazil and Spain. The conference was organized by leading scientists from the United States and Great Britain.

It is pleasing to note that Ukraine presented the results of studies of the complex use of drugs – modulators of broad-spectrum CNS functions, for which the synergy of anticonvulsant effects was determined under the conditions of experimental modelling of the epileptic syndrome. The research was presented by the head of the scientific circle of the Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Medical Equipment Ksenia Prybolovets. Obtaining a certificate of participation, as well as the subsequent publication of conference materials in a reputable international periodical is a significant contribution to the work of the Student Scientific Society of Odessa National Medical University and motivates young scientists to further research.

Prybolovets K.O., Pervak M.P., Al-Nadawi N., Liashenko A.V., Poshyvak O.B., Godlevsky L.S. The synergy of antiepileptic action of rapamycin, pioglitazone and minocycline on acute seizures in mice. In: Neurology, CNS and Dementia Care. Proceedings of International Conference, April 27, 2022, P.35-36.
Neurology, CNS and Dementia Care 2022 ( Published in: Journal of Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience, 2022, Vol.6 (expected issue N3)