Extraordinary briefing for students on internal regulations, safety and fire safety rules, anti-epidemic rules

According to the order of the administration of Odessa National Medical University, on September 3, special instruction was given to students living in dormitories № 1/1, 1/2 and 3 on internal regulations, safety and fire safety, anti-epidemic rules.

In addition to domestic and foreign students, the briefing was attended by the Dean, Deputy Dean of the International Faculty, dormitory masters and dormitory commandants.

The managing director of ONMedU campus Yudin A.A. and the senior master, associate professor Panchenko O.E. told the students about the main requirements for compliance with the rules of internal regulations, safety, fire safety and anti-epidemic rules.

Panchenko O.E. provided information about the recent fires in Odessa and university dormitories, acquainted the students with the “Regulations on the use of dormitories of Odessa National Medical University.” “The use of any electric heating, heating and household appliances, not provided for in the instructions, is unacceptable and prohibited in dormitories,” Oleksandr Panchenko emphasised.

Based on the reports and questions of students, given the urgency of the problem, it was decided to create a raid group consisting of deans (deputy deans), masters, commandants, dormitory elders, curators and elders of floors to conduct inspections and preventive measures to comply with fire safety rules. The raid team should organize a survey of social and living conditions of students, during which special attention should be paid to the explanation of life safety measures and fire safety rules when using heating and electrical appliances.

It is also necessary to conduct a detailed briefing for students living in dormitories of ONMedU on the rules of fire safety and evacuation training from dormitories in case of fire under the direct guidance of the official representatives of the fire and rescue service of the Ministry of Emergencies.