Despite the war and all kinds of troubles, ONMedU is actively engaged in scientific activities

Last year, university scientists developed 62 research topics, three of which were funded and will continue to be funded by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

From 2021, the topic “Personalization of treatment and the development of new biologically active substances in the optimization of pharmacotherapy of a number of socially significant diseases” is being studied under the leadership of Professor Petro Antonenko. The total volume of financing is less than UAH 500,000. Scientists are studying the significance of CYP3A4 polymorphism in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis for the course and consequences of tuberculosis treatment.

Another fundamental topic is aimed at the fight against epilepsy. The team under the leadership of Professor Leonid Godlevskyi is working on increasing the effectiveness of epileptic activity control using pharmacological drugs and non-invasive stimulation of cerebellar structures. The term of work is 2022-2024. UAH 700,000 will be allocated from the state budget. Another 600,000 hryvnias will be spent on the development of the applied topic “Improving diagnostics, prevention and treatment of disorders of the mineralization processes of hard dental tissues in children (2022-2024)”. Employees of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry are working on the project under the leadership of Professor Oksana Denga.