The administration of ONMedU announces a competition!

We invite students, teachers and everyone who wants to take part in the competition to create a logo project!

Project name: Simulation Medicine and Scenario-based Learning for Emergency Care

The goal of the project is to improve the education system for providing first and emergency medical aid by implementing innovative integrated training activities, including scenario training, simulated medicine and competent psychological support (SBL/SM/PsS) for doctors, first responders and all participants in road accidents.

The immediate tasks of the project are: promoting the development of the medical education system by conducting trainings for the teaching staff of the Medical Center using scenario-based learning and simulation medicine; improvement of the qualifications of medical teachers by conducting trainings on the specifics of competent psychological support of victims and persons who are at the scene of a road accident, as well as doctors and persons of the “First on the scene” category; improvement of training in emergency care by developing realistic training scenarios using the SBL, SM methodology, which will describe the tactics of managing patients at the pre-hospital and hospital stages of providing medical care in the most frequent conditions requiring emergency care;  modernization the training program by implementing these scenarios and conducting classes with doctors and persons who are “first on the scene” for each PCV; spread and support of the developed innovative approach by creating a network of educational and training centers for the provision of first and emergency aid using SBL, SM and psychological support; evaluation of the effectiveness of training in emergency medical aid and first aid using SBL, SM methods and competent psychological support.

Deadline for accepting proposals for the logo project: January 18, 2023.

Proposals should be sent to Viktoria Nahorna, the leading specialist of the rectorate, to the e-mail address [email protected]