Congratulations on the World Science Day!

Today, the world celebrates the World Science Day for peace and development. I sincerely congratulate colleagues and all fellow citizens! In 2001, UNESCO established this bright and important holiday to unite people around a common goal – peaceful and happy coexistence.
It is impossible to overestimate the importance of science. It is scientists who invent cures for diseases, making our lives longer and healthier. They are looking for alternative energy sources, teaching us to take care of the environment. Scientists make countries prosperous and successful. Today I cannot fail to recall the statement of the eminent Sir Winston Churchill, who said: “Only science can expand the borders of each state without narrowing the borders of its neighbors, and increase the welfare of each nationality without taking anything from others.”
In my opinion, no one has formulated more precisely why each country is obliged to fund its scientists, support and promote their developments. Without this, there is no future.
I had the honor to learn from outstanding people, work with them, teach a new generation of scientists. And I can honestly say: I believe in Ukrainian science! Dear fellow scientists, I sincerely wish you health, inspiration and success for the worthy and prosperous future of our country, our children and grandchildren.


With respect,

rector of ONMedU, academician Valerii Zaporozhan