International Cooperation

Nobel Prize 2023 The Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 2023 was awarded to Katalin Kariko (Hungary) and Drew Wiseman (USA) for the discovery of modifications of nitrogenous bases (nucleotides) in DNA, which made it possible to develop effective matrix RNA vaccines
September 20 is World Gynecological Cancer Day This day was launched in 2019 on the initiative of the Association of European Gynecological Oncologists (ESGO). A huge number of patients with various types of gynecological cancer has forced the medical community and the public to take all possible
Scientific identification of scientists in ORCID The Ministry of Health of Ukraine in compliance with the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated September 4, 2023 No. 1/13262-23 on the arrangement of profiles of researchers on the ORCID platform, in accordance with
Welcome to webinars from Clarivate Analytics Do your research with reliable data and journal evaluation tools! Outstanding company Clarivate Analitics continues to support Ukrainian science and invites scientists of Odesa National Medical University to free webinars. This year there will be a Clarivate Scholars 2023 series
Useful Information. List of universities and platforms that provide free internships abroad for Ukrainians Many universities in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries offer programs for international students, which may include subsidized internships or scholarships for refugees from Ukraine. Useful links to find free education abroad: The easiest way to start your search