Meeting “The British Medical Journal” Representatives Today, on January 10, at 15:00, a meeting of the Vice-rector on international activities of ONMedU prof. V.G. Marichereda and representatives of the educational online platform "The British Medical Journal" with the professors of clinical departments of the university, doctors
Useful Resources for Physicians For the medical reform to be successful, we really need physicians who love their profession: they are interested in news and discoveries from around the world, learning something new and want to develop constantly and move forward. The Internet is
Unbelievable Competition from UAMED! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! UNBELIEVABLE COMPETITION FROM UAMED! Dear friends, in honor of the New Year holidays - UAMED holds the largest competition in the history of the Association! Namely, it holds a raffle for Ukrainian doctors to win a unique
Our Student Got the Maximum Points at the IFOM Exam! Our congratulations to Mreisat Loai (Israel), a student of Odessa National Medical University, who got the maximum points (623) at the IFOM (International Foundations of Medicine) in December 2017!
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