Awarding of Outstanding Employees of ONMedU with “The Order of St. Panteleimon”

There was a meeting of freshmen students, teaching staff with the chairman of the Honorary Council of Merit for professionalism and mercy of the Order of St. Panteleimon Vasyl Knyazevich in our university on 12.12.2017. This award is given for humanistic and noble activity in the field of health, which positively affects the consciousness and spiritual development of the Ukrainian people and the state as a whole.

Honorable distinction for professionalism in the field of health care and development of medical science was introduced by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2009. Since the beginning of its existence, more than twenty prominent scholars, doctors, public and charitable figures, representatives of the clergy, whose activities are aimed at preserving and strengthening the health of Ukrainian residents, have been awarded. In order to restore the principles of charity, humanism, love for the neighbour and the patient, a public recognition for professionalism and mercy “The Order of St. Panteleimon” was launched in the society in 2017.

Vasyl Knyazevich, chairman of the Honorary Council

“The main purpose of this award is to revive the trust of the society in certain rituals, to show the best moral people, to prove that Ukraine is able to start new rules of the game that give pleasure and satisfaction to those who take part in this process.”

This is the only award in Ukraine today, which is provided not by the government, but by the public organization of doctors of the country, where the system searches for the best and points to a person who was still unknown or modest and could not show himself, but did a lot in the field of health and mercy. Once a year, the best twenty people are selected of 125 applicants for each region of the country. And then the Honorary Council headed by the former Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasyl Knyazevich names the best ones in five nominations after the results of the secret ballot. It should be noted that this year the award “The Order of St. Panteleimon” and a cash prize of 100 thousand hryvnia was mostly received by Odesa citizens, among them representatives of Odessa Medical University:

Valery Zaporozhan, Rector of the University

“I believe that intelligent technologies, knowledge, skills, when human life depends on them, should be in the hands of an intelligent, clever, hearty person who can share not only knowledge, but also moral support to whom he intends to help. The physician should be highly spiritual, loving his profession. “

Mikhailo Kashtalyan, Head of the Department of General and Military Surgery

 “This order is even more valuable as it is a public award. It’s not from the president, it’s the people who vote, no matter that I got it.” The main thing is that we have it. “There are a lot of worthy people!”

Mykola Aryayev, Head of the Department of Pediatrics №1

“I was a vice rector for international work, I conducted this activity at the institute level, and was the head of the department of pediatrics, which had wide international contacts, as evidenced by the list of honorary names, doctors who lecture our students.”

In the opinion of the participants of the meeting, among whom there were first-year students, the teaching staff of the Medical University, it is very important that all Ukrainian citizens know and see that there are many worthy and talented doctors in the country whom the society should support and stimulate to work effectively.

According to Vasyl Knyazevich, the chairman of the Honorary Council, the complicated financial and human resources situation in the health care system prompts different ways of support to be encouraged in order to stimulate young people to choose a doctor’s profession and not to go abroad for employment. The Honorary Council decided to introduce “The Medal of Saint Panteleimon”, which will be given to young medical workers under the age of 35. For the first time, the best among youth will be honored in the next 2018.

Odesa Regional Expert Council for the nomination of candidates for the competition for the awarding the Order of St. Panteleimon in 2017-18 included:

  1. Zelinsky Oleksandr Alekseevich, MD, professor, representative of the All-Ukrainian Medical Society
  2. Shpak Igor Viktorovych, MD, a representative of the SI “Ukrainian League for the Development of Palliative and Hospice Care”
  3. Seraphima, Mother Superior of the Holy Archangel-Mikhailovsky Monastery
  4. Talalayev Konstyantyn Aleksandrovich, Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work of Odesa National Medical University
  5. Skyba Vasyl Yakovlevich, head of PTU SI “Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery, NAMS of Ukraine”, member of the Union of Health Care Workers of Ukraine
  6. Rabotin Yuriy Anatoliyovych, Chairman of the Board of ORO NUJ
  7. Platovska Svetlana Omelianivna, chairman of the Association of nurses of Odessa region
  8. Baghdasaryan Viktoriya Yevhenivna, Leading Specialist in Medical Law of the All-Ukrainian Council for the Protection of Patients’ Rights and Safety
  9. Goncharenko Nadezhda Victorivna, First Deputy Director of the Department of Health of Odesa City Council
  10. Ginzhul Igor Vasilievich, Deputy Director of the Department of Health of ORSA
  11. Kirchova Victoria, a 6-year student of Odesa National Medical University, the chairman of the Student Board on educational work