August 19 is World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated annually on August 19 at the initiative of the United Nations.

The goal of the World Health Organization and other international organizations is to expand knowledge about the humanitarian community, about what humanitarian workers do and what difficulties they face, to demonstrate their humanitarian activities to non-governmental and international organizations, to remember those who died or received injuries during humanitarian operations, as well as drawing the world’s attention to the conflicts and crises that are still ongoing.

Due to the Russian armed aggression in Ukraine, the humanitarian needs of the residents of our country are constantly increasing. War threatens the lives and health of many millions of people. Thousands of dedicated humanitarian workers from many countries around the world are working hard to help our country.

The Ukrainian volunteer movement also grew on a large scale. Dozens of charitable organizations and volunteers from all over the country joined the humanitarian activity.

Students and employees of Odesa National Medical University were not left behind. They collect medicines, products, necessary clothes and deliver humanitarian aid to fighters, as well as children and adults from Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, weave camouflage nets, and make warm clothes. In 2023, the employees of the university library joined the All-Ukrainian mega-collection of HDPE plastic lids (funds from their recycling will go to the purchase of UAVs for the Armed Forces), because they believe that it is their direct duty to support boys and girls at the front. After all, each of their hryvnias saves lives, flies drones, drives an ambulance and shoots accurately.

We pay tribute to all humanitarian workers for their humanitarian efforts and thank you for your kind hearts.