August 12 — Youth Day of Ukraine

The most wonderful period of a person’s life is their youth. These are bright years, full of dreams, ideas and aspirations, supported by good health, strength and energy, hobbies and confidence in overcoming any obstacles.

In different countries, the young age of a person is defined in different ways. In Ukraine, this is the period from 14 to 35 years of age. And in the world there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 (this age is determined by the UN), that is, 16 percent of the Earth’s population. This is a significant part of humanity and the future of any country. Youth can play a major role in the development of society if they have certain knowledge, conditions and opportunities necessary to realize their potential. Therefore, the problems of young people should be among the priority ones to be solved in society, because it is at this time that people finish their studies, already have a profession, look for a decent job, create a family — they start their path in life.

From 2022, the Youth Day of Ukraine coincides with the International Youth Day, which is also determined on August 12. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi made such a decision in 2021. Decree No. 333/2021 is aimed at supporting the aspirations of Ukrainian youth for integration into the European community, the affirmation of democratic values, and also taking into account the initiatives of youth organizations and movements.

Unfortunately, today the youth of Ukraine celebrate their day in the conditions of war. The military, volunteers, volunteers, ground defense fighters are mostly young people.

Graduates, interns and students of ONMedU are no exception. Many of them, with weapons in their hands, defend our country and native Odesa on the battlefield, save the lives of the wounded in frontline hospitals, volunteer and provide psychological assistance to children and adults.

From the first days of the war, student self-government participated in the collection of necessary items and the transfer of humanitarian aid to the soldiers.

Young scientists, members of the SSS (Student Scientific Society) department of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology joined the All-Ukrainian program to preserve the mental health of our compatriots in war conditions, took charge of the most vulnerable and unprotected children with autism syndrome. A campaign was held on the streets of Odesa, giving advice to the city’s residents on how to keep their psyche normal, overcome fears and depression.

The youth of ONMedU study, work, do science, do social work and dream of peace and happiness.

Happy holiday to you, young people of the glorious ONMedU!