The new issue of the “Pulse” newspaper, June 2018, No. 6 (250) Load the new issue of the “Pulse” newspaper, June 2018, No. 6 (250)→
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Graduation Ceremony for the International Faculty! On July 3, a Graduation Ceremony for the International Faculty took place in the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater.The graduation ceremony traditionally began with the official part and the festive concert, which was prepared by the Center for student creativity:
Graduation Ceremony 2018! On June 29th, Odessa State Opera and Ballet Theater hosted the Graduation Ceremony for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. Credits, examinations, KROK - all remained behind, and the students can finally catch a break before the long-awaited graduation. The graduation
Awarding the Title of an Honorary Doctor of ONMedU to Professor Remigius Jalunas The visit of Kaunas delegates was full of work events and appointments. During the scientific board meeting an Honorable professor award was given to professor Remigius Jalunas, the rector of Lithuanian University of Medical Science (LSMU), the head of cardiology
Awarding TALALAYEV Kostyantyn Oleksandrovich with the Honorary “Gratitude” by Odessa City Mayor Order by Odessa City Mayor No. 487 dated 12/06/2018 About awarding on the occasion of celebration of the Medical Worker Day According to paragraph 20, part 4, article 42, of the Law of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", Article
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