Unbelievable Competition from UAMED! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! UNBELIEVABLE COMPETITION FROM UAMED! Dear friends, in honor of the New Year holidays - UAMED holds the largest competition in the history of the Association! Namely, it holds a raffle for Ukrainian doctors to win a unique
How to Protect the Child from Measles? The assistant of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of ONMedU, Ph.D.(Medicine) Iona Rubikovna Dilanyan gave comments on "Channel 7" on how to protect the child from measles:
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“Medicine for Life” with O.G Yushkovska and V.A.Pahmurny Learn about the unique techniques for prolonging active longevity from a staff member of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of ONMedU Oleksandr Kolesnichenko and many other interesting things about physical and mental health in TV program "Medicines
St. Nicholas is Coming to Kids! On December 19, 2017, the Department of Propedeutics of Pediatrics and the Student Council of the University held an action "St. Nicholas Is Coming  to Kids" for small patients at the Multidisciplinary Medical Center of ONMedU. This year, students decided
Another Regular Meeting of the Association of Anesthetists of Odesa Region in the Medical House Odrex The regular meeting of the Association of Anesthetists of Odesa region took place in the Medical House Odrex - the most up-to-date site for scientific and practical meetings on 14.12.2017! "It is a good thing that this Forum is conducted