Work program “Molecular pathology”

The main measure aimed at improving the quality of education is the compliance of the theoretical and practical components of the curriculum with modern requirements. In order to optimize the educational process and support scientific research, in 2016, an educational and production laboratory of molecular pathology was established at Odesa National Medical University. The laboratory is equipped taking into account the requirements of the training program: it provides opportunities for scientific research and participation in the implementation of international programs. The laboratory has the ability to conduct a wide range of research, including hematological, general clinical, biochemical, medical and genetic, as well as measurements of the main indicators of hemostasis, electrolytes, blood gases, enzyme and hormone activity, indicators of protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism, as well as SNP and genome research . The laboratory is equipped with modern measuring equipment, such as dispensers, digital centrifuges, cabinets and other necessary devices.

In order to better assimilate everything that the laboratory accumulates, the work program “Molecular Pathology” was developed for students of basic courses. According to this program, students come to practical classes in the laboratory on specific topics to acquire visual and practical laboratory skills.