We will study anatomy not only virtually!

On November 6 and 7, 2021 a remarkable event took place at Odessa National Medical University: the first in Ukraine anatomical cadaver course “Classical and modern methods of correction of age-related facial changes was held on the basis of the Department of Normal and Pathological Clinical Anatomy. The course consisted of a theoretical part and master classes on preparation and injection techniques.

Specialists in aesthetic medicine, dermatovenereologists, plastic surgeons from different cities of Ukraine had the opportunity to examine the contents of anatomical areas of the face on unfixed corpse material and practice the most complex techniques of access to individual anatomical structures. According to the head of the Department of Normal and Pathological Clinical Anatomy, Professor Elena Leonidivna Appelhans, despite the fact that worldwide cadaver courses are widely used in the training of specialists in various fields, in Ukraine, given the complex legal and customs conditions, material from abroad was transported for educational and scientific work for the first time .

Employees of the Department of Normal and Pathological Clinical Anatomy took an active part in the preparation and holding of the event: assistants O. Ursu and A. Ostapenko, laboratory assistants O. Sukhina and D. Korenovsky. Lectures were given by specialists from Ukraine and the Czech Republic: N. Markov, O. Chalenko, S. Korkunda, K. Zhandirov.

The cadaver course was conducted within the framework of the international Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation of ONMedU with the Czech company Medical Esthetic (Prague, Czech Republic).