Volunteer students of medical faculties of Odessa National Medical University joined the mass vaccination of the population

The student government of Odessa National Medical University has decided to join the mass vaccination of the population. On November 6, students in grades 2-6 of medical faculties helped doctors vaccinate residents of Odessa. At the organized vaccination points deployed in all districts of the city, volunteers registered those wishing to receive the vaccine, informed about the nuances of vaccination and answered all questions.

“This is not the first time I have taken part in a mass vaccination, because I am convinced that vaccination is currently the only way to fight the coronavirus. And the more people are vaccinated, the less seriously ill they will be, ”said Kateryna Servulya, a fourth-year medical student, of all the volunteers. “We want to facilitate the vaccination process, help health workers to vaccinate as many people as possible,” added Diana Pechak, a fourth-year medical student.

Student volunteers from Odessa National Medical University will take part in the vaccination campaign against the acute disease COVID-19 every weekend, as long as their help is needed.