Vice-rector Iryna Shmakova on the organization of the educational process

Odessa National Medical University can vaccinate anyone who wishes, groups of at least 50 people are formed. To do this, you need to make wish lists.

This was announced at a meeting of the Academic Council of ONMedU by Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching, Professor Iryna Shmakova.

“Currently, the university has almost completed the survey of students on vaccination. We have data on vaccinated 1.2 doses, those who have had COVID-19, who have high levels of antibodies, have a doctor’s confirmation of contraindications to vaccination and those who wish to be vaccinated. The data is being processed now, ”she said during the report on the approval of the“ Set of measures for organization of the educational process in the 2021-2022 academic year ”and the university’s work plans.

According to Shmakova, it is necessary to have data on employees using the same form of questionnaires. She instructed the heads of departments to contact the deans of the faculties, summarize the data and provide them by September 6.

In addition, as part of optimizing the work of clinical departments of ONMedU, Iryna Shmakova obliged the heads of clinical departments to agree by September 1, inclusive, on the list of scientific and pedagogical staff of clinical departments to provide medical care to patients with heads of clinical bases according to the form approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to employees of departments.

The Vice-Rector also acquainted the audience with the order of the First Deputy Minister Andriy Vitrenko on the implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language.”

“Please ensure strict compliance with the Law of Ukraine” On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language “for languages ​​of instruction, mandatory use of the state language in the educational process and in the performance of official duties by the head of educational, pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific employees of the institution, “said Iryna Shmakova.

We are moving in all strategic directions. Valerii Zaporozhan summed up the work of ONMedU for the last year Last academic year, the Academic Council adopted the Concept of Strategic Development of Odessa National Medical University for the period up to 2025, which declared priorities for each area of ​​the university until 2025, the key of which are internationalization, sustainable development of the university, guaranteeing high quality of educational, research, treatment and prevention activities. "Today, all opportunities have been created for further modernization of the university's activities in all strategic areas," said the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan at a meeting of the Academic Council of the university. During the report on the results of ONMedU's work last year, the rector noted that as of September 1, 2021, a total of 15,689 higher education students are studying at the university. In particular, at the undergraduate level - 6440 people, at the postgraduate level - 5589. Last year, 654 students were enrolled in ONMedU (387 of them were domestic and 267 were foreign). The number of graduates was 1258 (including domestic - 992; foreign - 266). Training of specialists in the following specialties was completed: “Medical business”, “Pediatrics”, “Medical and preventive business” (specialist), “Pharmacy” (specialist), “Practical psychology” (bachelor). The volume of state orders in the specialties "Medicine", "Medical Affairs", "Dentistry" and "Pediatrics" in total amounted to: 148 people (volume of admission), 381 people (volume of graduation). As part of the implementation of the state order in the specialty "Medical and preventive business" the volume of output was 22 people plus 1 contract. Last year the structure of the university was presented by: 7 faculties; 60 departments (theoretical and clinical), of which graduating departments - 23; 3 clinics (617 beds); Research Institute of Translational Medicine; other structural units. "Currently, the university has passed the first accreditation in March-April" Dentistry "(master's level) and received level B," Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy "(master's degree). Five accreditations have been completed: 4 postgraduate levels - "Medicine", "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy", "Dentistry", "Pediatrics", and 1 master's level - "Medicine". International accreditation is also underway, "Valery Zaporozhyan said. Last year, a large-scale scientific work was carried out, the results of which were: 14 monographs; 14 information letters of the Ministry of Health; 8 methodical recommendations; 547 articles; 4 innovations; 62 patents; 83 scientific forums, including 34 international ones. Last year, 8 international grants (travel and internships) were received, 22 employees underwent internships, including online, in foreign institutions. In addition, ONMedU became a member of the All-Ukrainian Network for the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. Currently, two projects are being organized: the Inter-University Educational and Scientific Association "Odessa Center for Healthy Nutrition" and the Training and Production Complex "University Pharmacy".