Valerii Zaporozhan: By the new academic year we have to improve the educational process, repair buildings, dormitories and departments

Under the chairmanship of Rector, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, a meeting of the Rector’s Office of Odessa National Medical University took place.

“Now our institution has a very busy life – final exams, OSCI, university accreditation, but we must not forget about the big challenges for the future. By the beginning of the new academic year, we must eliminate all shortcomings in the educational process, repair all university buildings, dormitories and departments. Therefore, at each meeting of the rector’s office, I ask you to be active and add your proposals to the agenda, “Valerii Zaporozhan emphasized.

The head of the economic department Natalia Kadebska reported on the elimination of state audit comments. Today and always the main priorities in the implementation of the State Budget are transparent, sound planning and redistribution of expenditures, rational and efficient use of financial resources. To plan further procurement, it is necessary to conduct an audit of purchased equipment at the departments. In addition, Natalia Kadebska proposed to conduct an audit of the efficiency of the use of university premises.

The topics of technological equipment were also touched upon during the meeting. Rector Valerii Zaporozhan said: ONMedU has always been a leader in the quantity and quality of modern equipment. “There are many devices in the surgical departments that are not available in other medical institutions of Ukraine. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to organize courses to improve the specialization of doctors on the basis of our university clinics as soon as possible, by the end of the summer, “said the rector.

Acting Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching, Professor Irina Shmakova said that during 2017-2020, 18 departments, mostly clinical, received office equipment and modern equipment for use in the educational process. The experience of the departments of obstetrics and gynecology, surgery №3, robotic and endoscopic surgery shows that modern equipment and technology should be used by all departments. The use of such equipment is under strict control: with the help of checklists and logs, the volume of methods (interventions), the number of students, interns, trainees who are familiar with innovative technologies are recorded. Professor Shmakova proposed to introduce methods and other forms of application of new equipment in work programs, to formulate topics for practical classes, lectures, to improve the forms of advanced training for physicians-cadets in the application of innovative technologies in practice.

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Professor Konstiantyn Talalaiev reported on the state of fire safety and the plan to establish a commission to assess the situation in the dormitory №3 specific measures for fire safety in dormitories and administrative and educational buildings of the university. For his part, Valerii Zaporozhan suggested making information stands together with firefighters on the rules of conduct, placement of fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, etc. Commandants of all dormitories are instructed to compile a register of equipment and their suitability. Dormitory curators who should check the dormitories on a weekly basis must be appointed. Training with firefighters must be planned.