Travel-grant on “Staff mobility for Training To/From Partner Countries”

As part of the grant of the European Union from the Erasmus+ program, organized at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas, a travel grant was held on the topic “Staff mobility for Training To/From Partner Countries” for employees of various educational institutions. Among the participants were representatives of the Medical University of Tirana (Albania, Tirana), the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy named after N. Testemitanu (Moldova, Chisinau), National Pharmaceutical University (Ukraine, Kharkiv) and Odessa National Medical University (Ukraine, Odesa). Odesa University was represented by I.E. Shapovalenko, assistant professor of the department of pediatrics propaedeutics and Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases Usychenko K.M.

The internship period lasted from September 26 to 30, 2022 at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The coordinators of Erasmus+ (the head of the academic mobility unit Žaneta Dičkutė), the deans of the faculties of the medical and veterinary academy took part in it. The reports were devoted to the peculiarities of medical education in Lithuania, the structure of units of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, the issue of recruiting foreign students, the development of attractive aspects of studies in this primary institution, as well as the program of academic mobility of students and employees.

The most interesting tour of the buildings of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences deserves special attention. Participants of “Staff mobility for Training To/From Partner Countries” were shown simulation classes of various degrees of complexity (Hybrid Laboratory); gamma knife (Lexella gamma knife) – a device for stereotoxic radiosurgery of brain pathologies, which uses ionizing radiation from a large number of cobalt-6 sources; Faculty of Public Health; simulation classes and the clinic of the Veterinary Academy.

Not only the educational, but also the cultural and entertainment program was diverse. Participants of the Erasmus+ grant saw the old city center of Kaunas, the Museum of Medicine and the Museum of Folk Architecture and Bats of Rumšiškes.

We express our great gratitude to the organizers of the conference for the rich and fruitful program of the conference, its high professional level and the relevance of the proposed topics, the support of the participants of the grant from Ukrainian universities. A special thanks to the leadership of Odesa National Medical University for the opportunity to participate in the travel grant, expand my professional skills, knowledge in the field of education and improve our English language skills.