March 9 marks the 210th anniversary of the birth of the great Ukrainian poet, artist, thinker, public figure Taras Hryhorovych SHEVCHENKA (1814-1861).

Today, in this anxious and sorrowful time, when blood is pouring all over Ukraine and the tears of mothers who have lost their sons in hostilities do not dry up, when the Ukrainian people are going through the most dramatic period in their history, we seek to appeal to the best representatives of culture, literature, and philosophical thought , in order to understand everything that we have to experience now. And one of the giants of the spirit is Taras Shevchenko, whose works contain many wise thoughts, warnings and advice, calls for struggle and hope for a better future.

The future poet and artist was born in a poor peasant family. His parents were serfs. From an early age, Taras learned about hard work, the grief of being an orphan, abuse from his masters, and wandering around the world. He went through the entire difficult path of a man from the people, gifted with many talents.

Having broken free from the shackles of serfdom, Taras painted many wonderful paintings, and in literature – poems unique in their power and spiritual meaning, such as “The Testament”, “The Dnieper Roars and Moans Wide”, the historical poem “Haydamaki” and the poem “Kateryna” and collection of poems “Kobzar”.

Shevchenko became one of the symbols of the national revival of Ukraine, and his birthday is a memorable date for the whole world, where the work of the great Ukrainian is known and respected.