The first steps in science!

The greatest happiness for a teacher is seeing his student’s growth as a specialist, a scientist and a personality. The university is proud of its talented youth, and it is very nice to hear words of thanks from the students.

At the beginning of June 2022, the Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Clinical Medicine” was held at ONMedU. The victory in the section of social sciences and humanities, philosophy and social medicine with a report on the topic “Psychology of clothing: a medical gown” was won by Veronika Starodubtseva, a student of the 1st year of the 5th group of the Faculty of Medicine No. 1 (research supervisor – associate professor of the Department of Social Sciences Olena Uvarova).

The student shared with us her impressions of the first year of study and the experience of scientific research:

“This is how my first academic year at the university came to an end – it was a whirlwind of emotions, interesting acquaintances and new knowledge, but my biggest discovery was the world of science. I did not think that after leaving school I would start my scientific career so quickly. And in fact, it all started with a compliment that turned into a scientific work. During a class at the department of social sciences, the teacher, associate professor Olena Oleksandrivna Uvarova noted my preferences in clothes and sense of taste, and also asked my opinion about the image of a doctor, and this is how the idea of ​​preparing a report for the conference was born. It turned out that the department was working on the scientific topic “The image of the doctor”, and I was offered to join the student group under the leadership of Elena Oleksandrivna. At that time I was very confused and worried, but the research supervisor filled me with faith that I would manage. The topic proposed by her is under-researched and it seemed even more interesting because of this. Unfortunately, military events made adjustments, we were not able to implement all our further grandiose plans. But we do not give up hope of conducting a new study. I am very grateful to the Department of Social Sciences, where it is always pleasant and interesting, and to Elena Oleksandrivna personally for her attention, help, inspiration, support and motivation.

I am very glad that my path in science has started successfully. I want to encourage all students to participate in scientific conferences, this is new knowledge and experience. Therefore, I plan to open the world of science for myself in the future.”

On behalf of the university, we congratulate Veronika and all first-year students on successfully completing the 1st year of studies and wish them further victories!