ONMedU promotes the development of the community of young scientists

During these summer days, Viktoria Yasinovska, the great-granddaughter of the famous physician-therapist academician Mykhailo Oleksandrovich Yasinovska, graduated from Odesa National Medical University. It is symbolic that Professor Yasinovsky graduated from the Odessa Medical Institute exactly 100 years ago — in 1922. There is no doubt that this coincidence happened due to some incomprehensible strange processes, and the girl has a glorious future because fate has set before her an important task – to continue the family dynasty through several generations, giving her knowledge, skills and inspiration to the noblest cause in the world.

“For me, medicine is definitely love at first sight, and the desire to be a doctor is something that was dictated by the heart,” Valeriya Yasinovska notes. — I devoted part of my student years to work in a research laboratory, where I mastered histology and together with my fellow students, forgetting about the passage of time, engaged in the creation and description of micropreparations.

I am grateful for this experience to the university that supports any initiatives and promotes the development of a community of young scientists.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our teachers, who did so much for us during our studies, generously imparting to us the intricacies of the practical work of a doctor.

Graduation from ONMedU is just a new stage of education. Lifelong learning…