The Faculty of Postgraduate Education is ready for continuous professional development of doctors

Continuous professional development of doctors is a world practice of development of medical workers, which began in Ukraine in 2018. Its main goal is to constantly improve knowledge and skills, as well as unify and simplify the system of doctor’s certification. At ONMedU, the faculty of postgraduate education is responsible for this area.

As it was reported at the meeting of the Academic Council chaired by the rector of ONMedU, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan, the system for doctors’ certification will change from January 1, 2022, and for pharmacists – from 2023. It will allow professionals to choose relevant areas, encourage them to enrich their knowledge and draw attention to the expansion of topics and updating the methodological support of the educational process.

Currently, each department, which previously did not participate in the training of students, presented its vision of participation in the life of the faculty of postgraduate education. Thematic improvements are in great demand among doctors, so the departments presented the most important, in their opinion, topics.

For example, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, courses in electrocardiography are most in demand. Accordingly, the Department of Internal Medicine №4 has developed a program dedicated to electrocardiography and holter-monitoring. The Department of Simulation Medicine has developed 10 topical cycles of thematic improvement in various areas. Departments of General Pharmacy, Organization and Economics of Pharmacy presented specializations and internships.

Also, the departments of pediatric profile actively joined this work. Specifically the Department of Hygiene was noted at the meeting of the Academic Council, which is a representative of the medical profile, very relevant during the pandemic, as well as a representative of the humanities – the Department of Philosophy.