Student tournament “Brainstorming – Arrhythmology”

The educational process is not only reading books, protocols and recommendations. Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 has made it a tradition to hold student competitions. The game, and especially with a competitive component, helps to better remember and assimilate information.

On April 13, on the basis of the department under the auspices of its head, Doctor of Medicine, professor Yuriiy Karpenko, a student tournament “Brainstorming – arrhythmology” was held. Three teams took part in the tournament – “InCor”, “Rytm” and “Impulse”. The teams included active and inquisitive students of the 4th and 5th years of education. The competition took place in three stages, during which the students answered interesting questions on cardiology, deciphered the ECG, and solved practical cases. All participants demonstrated excellent knowledge of the material, ingenuity in solving practical tasks and a pleasant interest in cardiology.

According to the results of the tournament, the “InCor” team took the honorable 1st place, the “Rytm” team took the 2nd place, and the “Impuls” team took the 3rd place. All participants received certificates and prizes useful for their studies and future work from the head of the department Yurii Karpenko.

The student tournament is a bright event for the teachers of the department as well. Jury members watched the competition with enthusiasm and objectively evaluated the students’ work. Professor Yurii Karpenko, the ideological inspiration of the tournament, animatedly communicated with the participants of the tournament and gave practical advice.

Many thanks to the organizers of the event for their fruitful work in the implementation of this event: doctor of medicine, Ph.D., associate professor, head of the educational department of the department Olha Savelieva,  Oleksandr Potapchuk, assistant professor, SSS head of the department, assistants of the department Olha Bondarenko, Tetiana Alavatska and Nadiya Pavlyuchok, as well as the head of the circle Anna Kozak.

It is especially nice that the Department of Internal Medicine No. 2 joined the tournament this year. We thank  Ph.D., associate professor and head of SSS department Mykola Perepeliuk for his interest and involvement in the event.

Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 is planning new interesting events and hopes to implement even larger projects.